We cannot even begin to express our gratitude toward The Learning Tree and the entire staff for the exceptional care that Savannah has received in her 4 years of attendance.  Each teacher has treated her as if she were their own child.  She has learned so much from everyone and has grown tremendously.  We are confident, because of the wonderful staff, she is not only ready for kindergarten, but will excel as well!  You all definitely feel like family to us.

The Learning Tree is by far the best preschool in Wilmington and we will forever be thankful.  As a two parent, full time working household we had no choice but to enroll our children in daycare at an early age.  It can be scary leaving such a small child, especially for 9 hours a day, however, there was never a time when we doubted our decision to send her to you.  We had 100% trust in you from the minute we walked through the door.  We have been recommending you guys to our family and friends for years and will continue to do so.  Thank you for all you do to care for and help our children learn and grow!  You are all truly special!


The Merritt Family

Thank you for everything you do for the kids at The Learning Tree. Emily loves coming to school everyday and seeing all her teachers!

The Crabtree Family

Thank you. Thank you for finding ways to continue to help my children celebrate all of the fun life experiences like the Easter Bunny and egg hunts while still keeping them safe. Thanks for hiring teachers who not only do their job ( which is monumental) , but also go above and beyond to plan interesting, meaningful experiences for the kiddos. Thanks for being a place where my children feel, safe, secure and supported. Thanks for being a place where I feel safe and secure and confident leaving my children every day so that I can go to a job that I love, while also knowing my kiddos are being loved on. 4 years ago when we were touring daycares, we looked at a lot of facilities that were fancier than TLT, with perfect classrooms, 5 star ratings and all the bells and whistles. But when we toured TLT, there was just a special feel about it and we knew it was where we wanted our kiddos to grow up. Thank you for living up to that hope. We cannot be more grateful for TLT and all of the ways that it has allowed our children to continue living their best lives in the middle of a global pandemic.
We are so grateful.

Megan & TJ

It has been a wonderful experience and we couldn’t have been happier with the beautiful experiences we’ve had with TLT.


The Nietman Family

Iwas so impressed with the atmosphere the entire staff created. They all functioned like one big family and welcomed us in with open arms. The time that I spent there was valuable to me.


Dear Learning Tree Family,

It feels impossible to thank each person at this school who had a role in Annie or Joey’s life over the last 2 years.  Annie was a Cherry Blossom, a Coconut, a Palm, a Sycamore, and a Bamboo!  Joey loved her days as a Willow.  It seems like every teacher was involved with our children, and it truly was another family for our kids.  Everyone always greeted Annie with a smile.  She learned so much at every level.  Annie made friends she’ll never forget.  It’s difficult to say goodbye to a place that has been full of love, happiness, safety, and security.  We can only hope we find something this wonderful in our next home town.  This school and all of the teachers will always hold a special place in our hearts.


The Carters

We could not have been more happy with our experience at The Learning Tree and I couldn’t agree more with the recent award of Best Childcare Center!
I want everyone at TLT to know that this has been an amazing experience for our family. I know every single teacher Anna has had made her feel loved and welcome. As a new mom I felt comfortable leaving my whole world with you every day. Just walking in to TLT felt different than any other childcare center we visited when I was pregnant. The calm and happy atmosphere was so comforting to me and I knew this was the right place for us. We will be forever grateful for the experience we’ve had at The Learning Tree and will always recommend to friends and family. Thank you for everything and we will miss everyone very much!

Olivia Jarman

I don’t have enough good things to say about each and every one of you. The thought of going to school excites them each and every day and you make that all possible by creating a safe and fun environment for them to learn and thrive. You always have smiles on your faces and are so genuine with your support for the girls and us as parents. I hope you know how much Keegan loves and dotes on each of you and she is always so happy to see you and send her regards…Palmer is sure to follow soon once she figures out how to form sentences! 🙂 From itty bitty babies to blossoming little girls – you all have been with us every step of the way and for that we are so very grateful!

Denise Klein

We thank you again for your adaptability and understanding. It means the world to us that The Learning Tree is, so family focused and flexible to the needs of its clientele. 
The Youssefi Family

My time spent in the 2 year old classroom was one of great learning, laughter, and joy!